Circulaire economie

More Prosperity, New Jobs

Circular economy policy

Together with , the new European Sustainable Business Federation, De Groene Zaak continues a strong lobby for a strong Circular Economy policy in the EU and the Netherlands. Our objective is implementation of a strengthened EU Circular Economy Package with measures that improve the market position of pioneers by encouraging and facilitating circular business models. While we welcome the structure and many elements of the current proposal, we are deeply concerned about the lack of goals along the full circle. Also, me miss financial incentives for consumers such as VAT differentiation, which is forbidden by the EU VAT directive. We ask the EU for ambitious implementation of the current proposal from the European Commission, including:

– Ambitious goals along the full circle, e. g. for sharing, reuse, maintenance, repair and remanufacturing;

– Economic incentives for producers and consumersfavouring circular products and services;

– Mandatory Green Public Procurement with integration of circularity

– An EU Directive for circular design;

– Attractive research programs.

For more information see the Ecopreneur position and our 2015 Manifesto. We thank the following partners of and De Groene Zaak for providing extra funding of our advocacy work for a circular economy in 2016:

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Our lobby builds on the success of work in 2015, when a broad business coalition, assembled by De Groene Zaak, called for a strengthened Circular Economy Package in the Manifesto “More prosperity, new jobs”. A presentation on the manifesto can be found here. Click here for the response of De Groene Zaak on the 2015 public consultation on the circular economy by the European Commission.